CapaBunga - Set of 6

CapaBunga Reusable Silicone Bottle Caps, Set of 6
$14.99 (Normally $20.85) 28% off List Price


First sucker:MarkDaSpark

Congratz mark, what made you jump on these so fast? Are they really that great? I might be in for some but I already have enough people questioning my sexuality, I don’t know how “Girls Night Out” on my wine would look :tongue:

Edit: I guess it said “Girls Night In” Shoulda Double checked. Oh well. Also, Didn’t mean to imply anything towards markdaspark’s sexuality :tongue: Sorry, I was just curious if there was anything soups special about these.

He collects stuff. And no ones questioning his sexuality after this one. :wink:

Bring on the animal captioned photo sparky!

I thought you were straight. I am a girl. LOL sorry for sexually harrassing you in a wootastical way! Forgive me. In for some caps, bc it is a good deal. I did my research last time these were listed.

Perhaps Mark is not the purchaser’s name, but a verb, and you are supposed to notice his/her spark.

Perhaps this purchase is a gift, and the sexual preference and/or gender of the purchaser has nothing to do with this purchase.

Perhaps I should mention that this is a much better price than when these sold during the recent woot-off, and I am drinking to drown my sorrow for not waiting 3 weeks.

This is hands down the worst purchase from woot I’ve ever made. Poorly made, seals terrible. Not worth the shipping, let alone the price & shipping.

Weeknight stop her

I’m confused by this one

If Rabbits are available for 2 for $5 almost anywhere, I don’t see how these are worthy of a Woots deal !!!

I bought one of these at a winery in Sonoma for $6. The guy who sold it to me showed me that he could flip the bottle and nothing leaked. I was impressed. I wish I bought more. They don’t leak and seal better than any of the other gadgets I have for thIs purpose, especially to be able to lay them down. I think they are well worth the Wootness. I bought 3 sets to give as gifts (think stocking stuffers).

I almost forgot! Thank you, woot, for selling something that won’t go bad sitting in a hot truck or warehouse. Hoping for a great Amarone when the temps drop, but this is a good consolation prize.

Whatever happen to shoving the free cork that comes with the bottle of wine back in for free?

  1. Before I bought the Houdini thing, I always broke corks.

  2. the cork sticking up from the bottle makes it too high for my fridge (whites).

I think they’re kinda cool. Pondering.

What advantages might these have over a Vacu-vin?

Whatever happened to throwing the cork away and drinking a bottle in one sitting? Opps, was that TMI?

You are to classy for these. I mean that more of an insult to the product than a complement to you though. :tongue:

Why does one need these? For left over wine? What is that?

I think it is meant to be a pun and read as weeknight stopper. Though that doesn’t make much sense either.

As for the pricing this seems to be a decent deal. On their official website they sell them in two packs that work out to $3.48(you get to pick two slogans) each woot’s 6 pack works out to $2.50 each so they’re about $1.00 off each.

Upon further research they are currently doing a closeout of a four pack of just safe dials for $9.99 which works out to about $2.50 each. I’m not sure how much shipping is but if you prefer just safe dials that may be the way to go.

Actually that is the same exact price as this one (per cap).