Capresso Espresso Machine

$100 off the MSRP at the manuf site

gonna be a while? Have a Snickers

comeon someone bite the bullet and get this train moving.

What do you call a sleeping cow? A bulldozer.

love me some espresso! Any reviews on this?

What type of pods does it use? Nespresso? Keurig (I guess those would be cups, though) or those flat round discs? Would be helpful to know so you could estimate the cost per cup of coffee…

taking you to the espresso source! Enjoy!

Ouch! That accomplished nothing except a chipped tooth!

This stuff is powerful!

3 people bought 1!

If you’re asking if it’s Ipod compatible, I don’t believe it is.

33 of them buy buy people!!!

Bueler? Bueler? Bueler?

still havent checked those PM’s have you.

last time i am asking.

You’re no Mr. Linky-Links!

mmmmm coffee…
it’s good for a woot off

lift a ege

Is this the same thing? Found it selling for 65.99!

What, no ice cream? For shame.

What does the symbol on the very left mean?