Captain Beer

Captain Beer,
He’s our hero.
Gonna take sobriety down to zero.
Our faculties are now compromised,
And we’re gonna need an Uber ride.

Shirt would be sick!!!..if they used a real cartoon hop and not a rabbit. The shirt is funny enough as it is. Didn’t need to add that little extra. Makes it stupid. Would have bought one, but I don’t like the bunny. Bad judgement. Ok maybe I’ll buy one. I do love it. Is this the same guy that did he hot dog shirt? Just wish it was a real hop.

Nope - that was by @patrickspens and this one is by @mikiekwoods.

The majority of Michael’s designs are more lighthearted and of the humorous variety. For this one in particular, the bunny and the question mark after hop is part of the silliness.