Captain Polly Hates Crackers

So is it a giant bird or a tiny man? Both options would frighten me.

What a racist bird…

I wouldn’t want a cracker either, if I didn’t have a mouth.


Polly hates what now? Is this shirt racist?

Maybe a dumb question, but…

How is that sword holstered?

Woot! 'bout time we got a green shirt.

Polly want an attacker?

I’d hate crackers too if I had one sitting on my shoulder talking all the time.

I wonder if his hatred for such a delicious snack is the fact that most are salted. Does this mean that Cap’n Polly has a history of high blood pressure? They can come unsalted!

The parrot’s holding it with his wing y’see.

Partial nudity; Woot’s getting daring.

Mutant hybrid…looks furry around the ruff. And how does a sword instead of a wing affect flight.

Interestingly weird, though, interestingly weird.

The cracker is a lie.

Yesterday’s shirt featured cheese.
Today’s shirt features crackers…


Hmm, third consecutive daily shirt from a past Derby printed artist. Pretty cool, methinks.

Hilarious write-up

You can’t rock an eye patch without a wooden leg. This is all wrong! I thought captains were the ones with the wooden legs!

What happened to that poor skull’s left eye? It’s huge!