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Seems to be a problem with the link to this sale…

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Does anyone know if these are worth a crap? Pyle isnt known for exceptional quality.

They are worth what you are paying for. Pyle is also not known for high prices.

Summer road trips here I come!!! :slight_smile:

I’ve been using the Garmin 3490LMT daily for work for a few months now (I repair swimming pools). It’s a great unit, but it’s route calculation to avoid traffic is annoying. When I know I need to avoid traffic (Ex. Austin, TX rush hour) I still pull out my Android phone and let Google route me. As far as basic gps, it’s great. Clear screen, easy to see, and all the other features are great. I especially like the birds eye lane guidance for exiting freeways.

American love to turn their cars into their homes. It all started with electric razors that plugged into the lighter socket.

I’m sorry, we can’t hear you out of our loud car sound systems and FREEDOM. 'MERICA!

Amazon Marketplace, $6.80 + $3.99 shipping = $10.79 shipped

Ooops. Sorry, it’s the “Pyle PL12V3P Plug In Car 1 to 3 Cigarette Lighter Multiplier & Power Control Station”

Anybody know if the backup camera system is any good? I could use one on my F-150 (it’s a REALLY long truck with blind spots you can hide compact cars in) and $50 is cheap enough to gamble on… I just don’t want to go to the trouble of installation to discover it won’t work right. The price is right (looking around the internet), but there’s just no reviews out there and Pyle’s site doesn’t have the manual downloads.

“these headrests are easy to install, and fit in many car and SUV models”

Which ones?? Link?

Does the TomTom include lifetime maps, or not? One of the product images clearly says it does, but there’s no mention in the description or specs.

According to the Spec tab on the offer:

Map Share
Free Daily Map Changes from the Map Share community. Includes dynamic changes like new speed limits and blocked roads. Some things change overnight and can delay your journey. Map Share helps you deal with the more frequent road changes. Avoid detours and get to your destination even faster.*