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What does this car stereo fit in?

I bought this same unit a few months ago for my 1999 Toyota Camry. It cost me $65 from another source and would’ve been a bargain at $100.00.

Easy to install, automatically detects and connects to my iPhone. Couldn’t ask for more.

CD player? Who needs it. I’ve got Spotify and all my podcasts on the road, now.

[EDIT] I am, of course, referring to the Pyle PLRDD19UB Bluetooth Digital Receiver with USB/SD Card Readers, AM/FM Radio, AUX Input, and Remote Control.

Is there an install kit? Is there a list of what vehicles any of these units will fit in?

@Rustedblue - Did you need an adapter kit? I have a 2000 Camry which appears to be very similar to the '99.

It hurts me a little to buy a stereo without a tape/cd player, but I keep reminding myself that my tape player has been broken for years and I can’t remember the last time I actually played a cd. Hopefully, the bluetooth will be a nice replacement for my weak fm transmitter. It’s nearly impossible to find an empty station these days!

These are intended for professional installing or someone that really feels comfortable doing it.

You can check sites like Metra for wire/install kits to go with it.


I did have to buy a wiring harness to install it in my 99 Camry. A few wire crimps and a Youtube How To video later and it was in.

Or anyone with access to Youtube and the bare minimum of human dexterity.

how do you install it