Car Covers

Are the dimension on the specs tab accurate? I have a hard time believing all the different sizes are the same width.

Asking the same question?

Here’s what the vendor says:

Ultimately, cars can get longer but road lanes have a specific width.

Hope that helps clarify!

What size for a '50’s pick up?

My car’s width is over 5ft, which means this cover won’t fit. Looked up our other car and it’s over 6ft wide. Both sedans.

Darn, seemed like a good deal…

Based on these specs, my 87 Rx-7 Turbo, @ a length of 168.9" inches, is a medium sized car. Nobody would look at this 2 seater as a medium sized car. With a width of 66.5 inches for the car the cover is seemingly too narrow. It seems the only thing this cover will fit is a Smart car, or maybe Barbie’s car. There is something not right with these specs.

What a useless answer.

It doesn’t. The narrowest car on the market is wider than the published 4.59 feet dimension, so the non-answer of the vendor gets a non-buy from me. Heck a Smart Car is wider than 4.59 feet!

This non-answer from the vendor makes me wonder if the manufacturer screwed up an order and they were all made too narrow, so the vendor is trying to claw back some money by dumping them on woot.

I agree, surely the width is wrong? What vehicle does the biggest cover fit? 2 snowmobiles in a row? I would like to buy a cover but I certainly don’t have a 4 foot car. Maybe it would work for my motorcycle.

It is a con/rip off, for sure.

Good for canoes?

These are good for one season at best. It’s basically like a “Handi-Wipe” in terms of durability. Not bad for the buck, but don’t expect to be using them for years.

If you live in the snow once they freeze (to the car) they will rip if touched.

FWIW - I see these at places like Big Lots at this price all the time.

Cheap car covers ain’t good.

Good car covers ain’t cheap.

Will it fit my 4door 06’ pickup truck?

W00t, if you can, please hit the vendor again for a better answer. I’d be in for 1-2 if I had more confidence in the details.

From the pictures provided, this is clearly supposed to fit entirely over the whole chassis, down to and over the fenders to partially cover the wheel wells, so it must cover the full width of the car. My small 4 cylinder coupe is fully 1 foot too wide, unless somebody’s biffed the specs somewhere.

I appreciate w00t providing the size info, but count me among those who might want to jump on the deal, but won’t without a followup from the vendor (either a correction, or a convincing story about why something apparently too narrow isn’t a practical problem).

Vendor here.

First off, I love the internet.

The widths listed can be taken with a grain of salt. There is elastic involved, and the covers can stretch to fit. Basically, the covers are measured based on length, and if the length fits your car, all other dimensions should fit also, unless you are rolling around in the Oscar Meyer Weiner-mobile.

The only thing you have to worry about it the length measurement. We have sold thousands and thousands of these at car shows and width has never been an issue.

To answer some of the other concerns:
No these are not factory defects.
No this isn’t a scam/con. These are not the covers to protect your car from the next Tsunami, but they are a great deal for people who want protection at an affordable price. (This economy, amiright?!)

In closing, if you measure the length of your vehicle, and it fits one of these sizes, or is slightly below, you can purchase a cover in confidence knowing that the cover stretches to fit. It also has a drawstring to tighten the fit.

I will try to keep an eye out on this board and answer any more questions now that I am back from the holiday.

My apologies, but no. These are our car covers. We have truck/van/SUV covers as well, but have not scheduled them with Woot yet. Keep an eye out, we are trying to get more deals set up with them. :slight_smile:

I’ll bet you One BILLION dollars it isn’t. >:P

My car is ~16’ 1". The large size is barely too small and the XL is about a foot too big. Should I go large and it will stretch that little extra? Thanks.