Car Covers

You know something, vendor?

You could have avoided all this by simply answering the width question to begin with, rather than replying with the intelligent-posterior “Ultimately, cars can get longer but road lanes have a specific width.” answer.

I apologize for implying these were factory defects… but certainly I think you can understand how, when I asked a question about the width and got an evasive answer, that would make someone think that the question was being dodged for some negative reason.

In any event, your answer cost you a sale, and maybe more than one. I need a car cover… but I’m not buying one from you. Not now.

Understood. However, also understand that it was not my response to your question. That was correspondence that I had with a buyer prior to this event going live.

As soon as I got back from holiday and noticed the comments here, I went through my warehouse and made sure I got to the bottom of the sizing issue. You all were making me aware that maybe our measurements were wrong.

Keep in mind I am a lowly grunt at a large company, and by no means the owner operator. My apologies to all in this thread if my non-verbal communication skills are read in a way that paints me in an unflattering light. I’m working on that. (._. )

I’m still completely confused as to how the width would be listed the way it is. Why would the length be relevant but not the width? What does the width refer to if not the width of the car? Why not simply change the description to something accurate? There’s a pretty big width difference between cars, I would have been in for at least one cover, possibly 2 but I’m not reassured by this “ignore the specs, just measure the length”. A road may be a certain width but cars can and do vary.

I didn’t see an answer to the same question posted above, so let me ask again. If my car is just barely over the Large length and a foot from the XL length, should I get the bigger one or the closer one? I don’t want to rely too much on the elastic due to the width issue(my car is 5’10" wide) but my cover just ripped with some severe winds so I am in need of a replacement. Which would you suggest I go with?

It actually does make sense. The elastic would be on the “short” ends - the width measurement - so it can stretch to be whatever width up to a certain point. Probably wider than any of our cars actually are. The “long” side isn’t elastic, except for a small amount at the ends, therefore it isn’t going to stretch much and would be a more valid measurement.

However, I would think it would stretch a little, and so I have the same question I had before on whether to go large or xl.

I will verify this with one of my co-workers who takes these to car shows and get you a solid answer later today.

I would also like to thank the discussion board as a whole. I will be bringing these concerns about width size to a company meeting this morning and we will get sizing sorted out so we don’t have any more issues like this. :slight_smile:

I was helplessly unaware this was a concern since I looked at listings for car covers all around the net prior to this event going live and they all mention length without a mention of width at all.

My co-worker that works the car shows with these said he would go with the size larger, and just use the drawstring to get the cover on tighter. If you have any type of dirt or crud sticking to your car when you put a cover on that is too tight, it could cause the grime to do damage to your finish.

Go with the XL.

Thanks for following up on this.

Thanks a bunch!! Ordered and excited to get it!

Im going to go the same route as my car is just an inch or so larger than the Large. Picked up an XL. Thanks a bunch for answering everyone questions.

Wait, so will this fit my Oscar Meyer Wiener mobile?

Also, how fast can I drive with one of these installed before the cover blows off?

This guy, I like.

For the Oscar Meyer Wiener-Mobile, I would usually recommend our top-of-the-line, stretch-to-fit, all-American Cloaking device. That car attracts a lot of attention and keeping it hidden is something owners find necessary after some time. The only problem with that, is that I can’t seem to find where I put them. The trials and tribulations of the cloaking device business are not for the faint of heart.

As for the speed, it varies depending on the driver. I started out slow myself, starting with the car turned on in the garage with the door closed for a couple hours. But your experience could be a lot different and I can’t comment with 100% accuracy.