Caravel White Blend (5)

Caravel White Blend 5-Pack
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NV Caravel California White Blend
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#2 of three ‘brown bag’ bottles we tasted at Kyle’s a few weeks ago. This one was rather tasty, depending on your preferences. Lacking notes (Sparky?) I recall it as moderately crisp with citrus and some floral notes, with a bit more complexity than expected. Seeing the blend, I now understand why. Drank well on it’s own and paired with cilantro-lime shrimp, and would work with other lighter fare. A reasonable value at this asking price.
And here is the back label woot omits, I expect since it’s generally pretty worthless, except for url’s and UPC’s.

Would be interested in a bit more info, pH, TA, RS and such, should we have a winery spotting.

I really enjoyed the previous offer of Caravel Zinfandel. Great winery participation as well. Hopefully Anuj (or another of the 3 partners) will stop by today. I am wondering what are the percentages for each varietal in the blend? Thanks and it’s nice to see Caravel (Outcast) back on wine.woot!

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I never saw the shrimp you speak of. (Kyle, Can you either confirm or deny that there was in fact delicious shrimp at this party?) I did have a cheeseburger though. Oh and the wine was nice but not my wife’s style. She drinks most of the white in the house so she picks em. She did really enjoy the bottle Kyle opened the Halcon Prado.

I didn’t spend enough time with this to give it a proper review (too busy chatting with old and new friends) so I’ll leave it to the only guy at the party with a notebook. Cough, sparky, cough…

I can confirm there was delicious shrimp on the table. One of my +1 actually brought it up today.

When I tried this bottle I was thoroughly confused. Kyle said he thought Sauvignon Blanc, I thought Chardonnay. We were both right, apparently.

This wine was easy to drink, but didn’t provide the crisp acidity or heavier mouthfeel to the extent I prefer in my whites- It was more of a middle ground. At this price, it would be great for parties.

We had this wine at the last DFW Woot dinner a couple of weeks ago. Color was a very pale yellow. Not much on the nose, some citrus notes, leaning towards lime. Not too tart, a bit of sweetness, with a short finish.

It was a decent pairing for the Thai food we had. Couldn’t tell the grape variety and now looking at the web site I can see why. I am a red drinker, so this wine didn’t do anything for me, but YMMMV. I’m sure some would find this as a nice summer sipper or party wine.


The blend consists mostly of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. The 2 varietals make up 80%+ of the blend. You can pick up crisp apple and citrus flavors at the start with the other varietals (Pinot Gris, Semillon blanc, Muscat and Viognier) adding the sweeter notes towards the finish.
Enjoy this great offering!

Note stealer!! Although I agree that it was off-dry.

I like both whites and reds, but this doesn’t inspire me to add to my overflowing wine locker.

And I can attest that there was shrimp there. Shrimp Cilantro Lime from Costco on the table when zTimBz and I made our entrance.

This is Peter, one of the partners in the winery. I found this wine especially suitable with shrimp or seafood salads but also with spicy food.
Like one of the wooters mentioned earlier, this is a great wine to serve at a party and it pleases the crowds everytime it is being served + it is an exceptional value for its quality.

Ha! I picked up on one varietal and you the other. Super interesting!

Like others have said, this was tasted at my house at the last So Cal gathering. I enjoyed it and I think the price is quite fair. This is a seafood wine 100% and this would be a buy for me if I were buying.

Winery: can we please get some stats? pH? TA? RS? Oak treatment? Any MLF?

No oak/ NO MLF / fermentation in stainless steel tank

TA: 0.57
PH: 3.46
RS: 1%

Interesting that you picked up the 2 main varietals in the blend!

We created the wine to bring about the “best of both worlds” so to speak in 1 blend and added the other varietals to offer interesting (sweeter) notes at the finish.

TT: Can you PM me a phone number for wine woot customer service. I send an email about an issue with an order about 2 weeks ago with no answer or response, to date. I would like to speak to someone about it. Thanks

No phone #s exist. Email them again and/or check your spam.

Sorry for the late reply. I would recommend that you email in again.
I will also forward your post and see if I can’t get you a response.

Thanks for your patience.

I continue to be amazed at the talents many here demonstrate on an almost daily basis. That they nailed this didn’t surprise me at all.

What are the blending %'s here?

I already did that…I’m just starting to get perturbed by the whole thing. I’ve been wooting here since May-06 and as a long-time wine wooter, I have expectations of a reasonable response or a phone call from customer service…maybe I shouldn’t…LOL