Carbon Express Intercept Supercoil Crossbow Kit

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Carbon Express Intercept Supercoil Crossbow Kit
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I would highly suggest looking into at least a basic safety course before using any archery equipment. Like firearms, these things are not toys and will cause serious injury if not treated with respect.

You may also want to check state and local regulations if you intend to use this for hunting, as laws vary by region.

Thanks Mom. I didn’t know there was a pointy thing in there.

I think he was mentioning that because some idiots think they can use them for hunting or that they aren’t illegal where they live… Some places ban them, and hunting with them is often restricted to only handicapped people being allowed to hunt with a crossbow. I think we all know that they have a pointy stick that could put your eye out.

Before you order, make sure xbows are legal to hunt or even have in your state, county or city. Totally legal here in Georgia. A friend let me borrow his back in September as my PSE compound bow was in repair. Excellent build, superbly accurate, very quiet with the addition of Silenco dampeners on the string. I did use Carbon Express bolts with expandable broad heads. I harvested a 170" 208lb buck at 43 yards! The bolt completely passed through. The expandable did it’s job and he ran 15 yards and piled up. Amazing bow, doubt I will even use my Compound anymore one I receive this. Look at the online reviews, a ton of 5 stars. Also, Bass Pro Shops sells this package for $800! Very much a no brainer a half off! That’s a deal! Thanks Woot Dudes…scoooorrrrrrreeeee!

The safety police is out in full force today.

Now all we need are New Yorkers complaining about how Woot won’t ship to them.

I’d be surprised if they didn’t; crossbows are legal in NY.

My first post is less in regards to common sense things like only pointing at your target and more along the lines of things you’ll find buried in your manual (who reads those?) or from whoever’s selling you a bow.

The biggest thing that comes to mind is the number of people I’ve seen come into a local pro shop, pick up a bow, and dry fire it.

Did you read his whole post? Pretty sure somewhere in there I was being warned that danger was near…