Carbon Express Intercept Supercoil Crossbow Kit

Does this thing do 1d8 damage?

Depends on your manner.

Light Crossbow= 1 d8 piercing

Insert Daryl Dixon Walking Dead Reference Here.

My question is does this thing have the ability to take down a T-REX?

Sold out of Under Armor shirts and went right to crossbow. Were you just looking around at what’s on the warehouse floor?


Once you have the Ancient Cuirass Under Armor, you should equip yourself with a Level 3 Crossbow to protect Cuccos from Wolfos.

How many woot couch potatoes can draw a 175lb bow?

126 at our last estimate and we’re hoping they all buy one… or three.

I was just about to “pull the trigger” until I saw that they’re gonna whack me with $30 sales tax. No thanks. Makes it cheaper to buy elsewhere.