Carbon Fiber Helmet with Visor (3 Colors)

no way this is carbon fiber…

True carbon fiber or just the look?

From the features: Our helmet is made of carbon fiber and EPS Foam to ensure comfort and durability

Wow…literally nothing online about these…no reviews…notta! Anyone have experience with these!?!

“20 vents to allow the cooler air in and let the heat escape”

This with a “winter cycling is cool” theme…

Would these fit Donald Trump? If so, they’re way too big for me.

Except it’s not though…
I’ve worked in the bike industry for 20 years and also for the 2 biggest bike helmet companies in world. This is very obviously a standard polycarbonate shell with a “carbon look” sublimated graphic. There is no way someone would go to the trouble and expense of using carbon fiber and not highlight it’s natural look in the design.