Cardo Bluetooth Headset and Adapter


Welcome to the Cardo Bluetooth Headset and Adapter topic for Monday, October 18th 2004. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Cardo Bluetooth Headset and Adapter here.


Another fun week for fellow woot’ers and another item I cannot afford.
Will post what information I can find on the item while I find it.

First off check compatiability.

Blue tooth headsets are headsets that use a wireless signal to transmit from one to another. You attach one end on your phone and the other piece fits onto your ear. Then you can put your phone in your glovebox or in a purse. Then you can talk and not be tied down to holding your phone.

If you do get one you may want to consider this
its a charger for it so you can charge the headset in your car.

Yes there are places that have it for cheaper but you pay more for shipping.




Uhhhh, no. Next


Nah… got a Bluetooth already :wink:


I might get these


Not first, but here


eh…i think i will pass




damn oh well


Not sure how cool this is…


Come on something would use. Here is to tommorow.


first post !!! woot!


Hrm… would’ve gotten one, except I went out and did that yesterday… :frowning:
Oh well




Hmm … $50 BT adapter for a headset I’ve never heard of, and thus am wholly unsure of its quality.

I’m in for 0.


Already got a Motorola HS810 to go with the MPX220… Maybe something tomorrow.


thats ugly


Incredibly inexpensive for a bluetooth headset.


No Motorola no care :oops:.