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Cardo Bluetooth Headset [New] - $4.99

1 * Cardo S-640 Clip-On Bluetooth Headset

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Cardo Bluetooth Headset
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Cardo S-640 Clip-On Bluetooth Headset

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use your woot coupon and it’s free

Wired? HAHA

bluetooth: still the crocs of the phone world

what the carp?

cheapie bluetooth… don’t expect greatness from this little thing.



It sure doesn’t LOOK stereo. That said, I like my Jabra BT8010’s because I get stereo from one earpiece when I disconnect the other. I reported otherwise elsewhere on the 'net but I have since repeatedly tested with the same stereo test files and it now gives both channels… weird.

That is the oddest BT headset I’ve seen, but also the cheapest.

yeah, i don’t need a bluetooth that has an earbud attached. Thats just weird IMO


that goes without saying

can we use them both for the same item?

$5 item coupon…

$5 free ship…

try it and tell us what happens

Where do I get my woot coupon?

How? One earbud = Mono. I think.

woot needs to sell a machine that lets you do a woot-off in your sleep…