Cardo Scala 600 Bluetooth Headset with Car Charger


I’d buy these for the glasses if they were included.


Dude does it come with the funny nose glasses attached? July 1st, need to be hands free cell usage in Ca. This would make you the ultimate badass.


Does it come with the Groucho glasses?


does it come with the “Groucho Marks” classes. if so I am SOLD!



Groucho glasses not included


I thought bluetooth was legal?


quality headset… no problems here.


Ok, that’s enough. I’m going to bed.


Man, this is going to be awhile…


woot decides. usually 24-72 hours


In the box:

Scala 600 Headset
Ear Loop
Universal AC Travel Charger (110-200V)
Quick Guide
Warranty Card
DC Car Charger with coiled cord
Groucho glasses not included


Is this any good? I have a motorola that I can barely hear out of. The earpiece is flat - no little nub to go in the ear. Anyone know what this one is like? thanks.


You talk a big game, but if woot did sell the glasses I have a feeling there would be lots of whining when they are stuck up there for 3 hours


Not a good price. You can get these for $12 - $15 in most electronics stores.

Edit: Without a car charger


with a car charger… thats a wonerfull time


Blue teeth! Somebody must have a picture of blue teeth! Post it!


I got 2 of these awhile back. They were supposed to come with car chargers, but they didn’t. However, they work great. I’ve been happy with it, and so has my friend who I gave the other one to.


Think they would sell more if the glasses were included!


I like this headset, it has been trusty for me.