Cardo Scala 600 Bluetooth Headset with Car Charger



+1 for flying roombam they make flying lawnmowers…
There are only 2 ways woot’s getting me to buy another vaccume, if it flys, or if I can ride it… or both.
This is AMERICA, i want to ride my vaccume!

I would have wooted this if the galsses were included BTW


Oh good, its NEW. We don’t have to hear all you bozos complain about sticking a refurb product into your ear, over and over and over and over and over again.


if you sell the glasses they will sell much faster



got the dvd player…woot off = success :smiley:


the glasses would sell better than these


this woot off is gonna make me fail my 8:00am class… ha ha


Can I buy the Funny Glasses?


It is…thus I don’t use it in defiance of the law…it’s impossible to get caught and if you do all you have to do is show you bought a bluetooth and your ticket goes away


That is what makes it so fun! I think w00t knows this and usually throws them in with at least one item for your exact comment. Good times, good times!


I wouldn’t pay that much for the bluetooth headset… but the glasses, you better beleive i would.






Maybe if people would talk in a positive manner about this item the orange bar will shrink and we can move on… Think about it. If you hate the item that’s showing and let everyone know, it will sit there longer won’t it?


you mean it doesn’t come with the nose?? woot…you got me…lol.



I would (dental trays with high-fluoride goop in them) but the blue gunk makes me gag so I don’t use it unless I have to.

Not unlike Bluetooth, ironically.