Careful Study Santa Barbara Pinot Noir (6)

Careful Study Santa Barbara Pinot Noir 6-Pack
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2012 Careful Study Pinot Noir, Santa Barbara County



Hi all!
On July 29 Wednesday: As I was working on my second cup of coffee, a W.W drone came to our office and dropped a bottle of 2012 CAREFUL STUDY SANTA BARBARA COUNTY PINOT NOIR along with a golden ticket.

On July 31 Sunday-
Storage temperature: 57 °F
Color: Translucent strawberry. No Sediment
Leg: Not so much
Initial sniff/Nose: ripe strawberry, dark cherry, rose petal and hint of croissant. No sign of alcohol burn or heat.
Taste: Matured red berries, ripe strawberry, white cherry, rose mineral water, unleavened bread followed by gripping tartness and mouth watering acidity.
Finish: Medium/Long finish with flowery(rose like), blueberry and bready notes.

On August 2, Tuesday(2 days later)-
Color, leg & nose: No change, still fresh.
Taste: Clean and mild mineral driven aromatics with earthy tones starting to come to the front end then the layers of the very same red fruits and ripe strawberry but rounded on the back end.

My 2 cents: A well balanced, lighter style pinot noir with good aging potential. Well done!

Thank you W.W

I was thinking this would be $20-$25 per bottle deal so… no brainer at this price point.

In for 3

Careful Study Santa Barbara Pinot Noir (6)
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Good notes, would you say the fruit is more on the extracted side?

mm… i’d say not. It didn’t taste concentrated nor fruit driven. Just punchy up front… does this make any sense?

Agreed…nice notes. You don’t mention anything about an earthy, mushroom, or other sorts of woodsy qualities that often come with Pinot. Were they not there, making this a more fruity style?

Earthy, mushroom like barnyard?. Not really. And I didn’t think it had much of oak treatment either.


I drank this wine over a 2 hour period with a few friends. Here are our collective notes:

First Impressions
Appearance - Light in color and translucent
Nose - Cherries, berries, floral, slight smokiness
Taste - Light on the palate with berry flavors and a little smokiness coming thru. Well balanced, medium plus acidity. Slightly biting on the finish.

Paired with a wild mushroom pizza
The food seemed to bring more of the fruit flavors out to the forefront. It was a nice pairing in that neither item overpowered the other.

Final Glass
After a two hour decant, the wine had opened up a little more. The fruit was definitely shining thru at this stage. The wine was still smooth and easy to drink.

Final Conclusion
Overall we concluded that this was a very good, easy drinking pinot. It was not earthy but also not overly fruity. At this price point it’s a solid buy in my opinion.

No shipping to Wisconsin…sad day

Are you close to any state borders? Get a WOOTlegger.

$48 on two restaurant wine lists
$19 on my favorite retail shipper
in for three

Another no NJ deal. Looks like it is time to move!

In for one! I have too many big big, dark reds laying around, never seem all that enticing when its 90+ degrees out. This pinot sounds perfect.