Careful What You Wish For

Truth…cute with a bash of painful on the side ; )

Seeing shooting painful stars

What could he possibly have wished for, for that to have happened? Maybe it’s some kind of inside joke I’m not meant to understand?

It’s a sequel to the design currently sitting at #17 in the top 20. That dino got its wish!

Not the ending I would have hoped for, but extinction is not a spoiler when it comes to the fated dinos. Congrats on the print Apelad!

How do their hoodies fit?

When you wish upon a star,
Makes no difference who you are…


It will depend on what size you normally wear and how you prefer it to fit.

Hoodies I buy in MM, whereas I normally get size ML shirts; they are about the same in width:

How is the quality? i have searched and searched but there is no review of their hoodies. Is it a thicker material or is it a thin walmart style material? I did the measuring and by the tape I fit a small that I find hard to believe. Usually I need to order the XL shirts from here because the L is too small.

I consider them medium weight - not super thick, but not t-shirt thin either. I wouldn’t count on them for a snowy winter, but for a cool autumn or where the winters are mild, they work out nicely.

As for the sizing - to which brand are you comparing? My “what I should be size” is a men’s medium for American Apparel. I typically opt for men’s large in AA (as pictured), so it’s a little loose. For the standard Anvil, I buy at least an XL for it to not pinch my armpits; the sleeves are uncomfortable for me otherwise.

As usual, YMMV.

Because two clicks was too many to me:

Maybe a two-sided shirt:
Front: Wish Request

Back: Wish Granted

Too bad the hoodies are 50% polyester.

Polyester keep warmth in better than cotton.

Also keeps off the doghair from my experience. Wish it was 100%