Carevelle by Bulova Timepieces

At the tone, it’s Eight O’clock, Bulova Watch Time.

You say CarEvelle,
I say CarAvelle.
Tomato, Tomahto.
Potato, Potahto.

Does anyone make a men’s watch that’s NOT as big and heavy as a dinner plate?

Who owns the name Bulova these names?

Off topic: Let’s make up “famous” names that would sound great on a $30 (MSRP $395) watch.

Rod Steiger



Caravelle is Bulova. they are made distributed and sold through Bulova. I had a neighbor that was a rep.

Not quite…“Bulova is a luxury manufacturer company of watches and clocks. Its headquarters is located in New York City.It is owned by Citizen Watch Co…”

So they got bought by the Japanese company Citizen some time back.


Am I reading correctly that these are actually stainless steel? (and not something “plated” that will turn my hand green? Green hands should be reserved for the Hulk…)

According to the Amazon page for one of these watches, it’s silver plated brass?

So… which is it? I don’t want to buy another brass watch…

I guess Woot is NOT going to correct its typo and fix the name of the watch! IT’S CARAVELLE, WITH TWO A’s AND TWO E’s (NOT three E’s).

So, I spoke with our buyer and he talked with the vendor. The vendor is claiming these are stainless steel but we do agree it looks plated. We’re changing the listing to plated with the hopes that they actually do turn out completely stainless, but we’d rather state it’s plated and have it deliver stainless than the other way around.

That’s why I bought the black Caravelle watch. Total diameter is only 41mm. Seems like most that are for sale on here are at least 45mm. I actually have a Bulova in the same shape and size. While I typically don’t like anything larger than 40mm, it’s not very thick and fits nicely under my shirt sleeve.