Caribbean Sand Ruched Plus Size One Piece

Caribbean Sand Ruched Plus Size One Piece

What’s the difference between this Royal and that Royal?

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One is above the other on the drop-down, so that’s different.

And one is underneath the other.

But what if there’s like a secret handshake I’m missing to get a better price (for me, not woot)

Vmods aren’t privy to such information, I’m afraid. We’re just here to look pretty.

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Then why’s the penguin here?

More importantly. Why did I show up?

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There are questions that need answering.

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I’m honestly not sure why the penguin’s here. I think he just showed up one day and we all just kind of shrugged and said “Okay.”

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Free labor is free labor afterall.

The penguin would get distracted from the forums for a few weeks if he was given a particular video game.


I don’t think I’ve ever known you to actually finish a video game. You play for a bit, complain about it, uninstall it, reinstall it, play for a bit, and so on.

Not if it’s a physical cartridge.

So buy it.

No, wait until after Woot’s birthday stuff. Then buy it.

Why wait?

And you want me to spend $40 or so to get away from the forums for several weeks?

TT’s going to need your… help, I guess? Don’t abandon her now.

No difference. Trailing space after some. It’s fixed now.

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