Caricature Red Wine Blend (6)

Caricature Red Wine Blend 6-Pack
Sold by: LangeTwins Family Winery and Vineyards
$59.99 $114.00 47% off List Price
2013 Caricature Red Wine, California


A wine that’s music to my ears……

I popped the cork on this wine with my wife’s fidget spinner (aka corkscrew) “Last Friday Night”. Color was a nice medium-red, closer to “Raspberry Beret” than “Purple Rain”. First whiff was “Hot Blooded”, mostly alcohol. After a few minutes of swirling and admiring the great “Legs”, the nose settled down and gave hints of cedar and “Cherry Pie”. First sip had a “Taste of Honey”, some “Cinnamon”, and a subtle hint of oak.

This wine is definitely fruit forward with a nice full body. The finish doesn’t “Linger” but the fruit does give you “A Peaceful, Easy Feeling” till “The End”. So, drink up! No need to decant!

Pairs well with a “Cheeseburger in Paradise”, BBQ, and grilled meats.

This is a great everyday drinker that will not disappoint at this price point.

“Raise your Glass” and Enjoy!

Please start summer shipping earlier for those that live in the hotter cities… I cannot buy wine, and am missing out on some good stuff…

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Also happened to notice this is certified green/sustainable per Lodi Rules

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If this is the good stuff you’re referring to, you should know that summer shipping has been in effect for a couple of weeks. Order away!

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I shared this wine with my wife our two other wine friends.

We popped the cork around 4pm and had a small glass before dinner.

The nose was a little on the hot and earthy side, with notes of mushrooms and wet soil.

With the first sample (about 10 minutes of corking) the body was medium/light and the flavor was of stone fruit and raspberry compote. In general, we all thought that this wine was an easy drinker, if not a little low on acidity and single noted. (Strange with the high % of cabernet in the blend)

We sampled the wine again after dinner and didn’t find that the nose or palate had improved with the decanting. The original ‘hotness’ has dissipated but so had some other the other distinguishing characters.

This wine is a decent wine for a general crowd pleaser, but will not excite connoisseurs or fans of acidic/tannic wines. Since it had more of a sweet finish, it would probably pair best with red sauced pasta or a red fruit cobbler dessert.

I think that the price point is good for this wine as our group estimated this wine to be in the $12-15/btl range.

Cheers Ya’ll