Carl Zeiss Scopes

Carl Zeiss always had great optics. I wonder if they are still made in Germany. So many good companies are moving to China.
The 2x7-32 may look nice on my AR. I’ve been looking for a quality 2x? scope for it, at a good deal…

The Conquest Duralyt is made in Germany.

All the Terra 3x scopes are designed in Germany and assembled in Japan.

Link to:

Duralyt illuminated reticule manual

Instructions for Terra 3x scopes

Duh, of course all Zeiss products are made in Germany. What kind of a question is that? Next you’ll be asking if BMWs are made in South Carolina or something!

Yeah, outsourced manufacture from the “classic” optics companies literally started over half a century ago. That shouldn’t be a surprise or even a knock towards them.

I believe it’s called sarcasm.

Depends on the presidency. Current one would say it was a Miscommunication and a missed opportunity to seize the obvious opportunity to create more jobs overseas. Past ones might call it a failure to communicate.
Bush may have called it “a saying that goes something like this…You have a nail, and you miss it and you don’t quite hit it on the nail…”

As for the scopes…wish I had a few extra bills. I’d be all over these. Can’t beat Zeiss for clarity.

For half the price of the rifle you’re putting it on, it better do more than have clarity. :stuck_out_tongue:

Two rules on scopes: buy the best one you can afford, and don’t be surprised if the scope costs as much or more than the rifle. The scope has to be out in the cold and rain at 5AM just like you do, and still get the job done.

You need to fix your “hunting” experience by fixing the leak and heat in your truck so that your not wet or cold :slight_smile: --CK

Not sure it’s any cheaper on woot than anywhere else.

The linked-to page has two different scopes on it.

It has the same scope as this Woot! for $300 more, and the standard reticle version (non-illuminated) for the same price as Woot!

Woot! Wins by $300!


Ah…didn’t notice this was illuminated. My fault; glad to see that Woot hasn’t totally fallen by the hands of Amazon as I have feared.

If anyone would like to buy me a Christmas present, I will happily accept one of these. has it always at this price

I was never a huge believer in the larger price tag on Zeiss scopes. Then my Dad broke down and bought one of the higher end (rifle) scopes - give or take $700 about three years ago for his .30-06.

After hunting with that scope, I bought myself one the following season. I never want to use anything else. The clarity, brightness, and durability is beyond amazing. Highly recommended.

The URL you provided is for the Standard reticle, not Illuminated reticle. We were selling the illuminated reticle Zeiss model 525425-9960.

I ordered one of the scopes and it has yet to arrive, almost 2 weeks latter.
Two request have been sent to Woot Support and I have not gotten a response.
Woot use to be pretty good on shipping and replying to problems. Not sure that’s the case any more.
I will contact my credit card company and cancel payment.

I’m so sorry about that, I’m checking into what may be happening with your order. I’ll let you know ASAP.