Carlson Easy Close Pet Gate

I love the looks of this gate, but they are only secure if you have a small dog or puppy. They tighten to the wall with the same knob that tightens the gate opening mechanism. If you tighten them enough so that they will not be able to be pushed down from leaning just a little, the gate part won’t open. Also, after installing it, the door opening is only 16" wide. Have to walk through carefully. Lastly, it leaves a 2" bar you must step over. So, not practical for my purposes with my border collie. I had purchased two, unfortunately.

Ours when needed is screwed into the walk threw frame and is easily unscrewed or on occasion we just tighten the sides that is against the frame.Has held up to our 110LB.German Shepard with her front paws prancing on the top rail of the door opening when we have company and need to separate her from our guests.Have used it for over 2 years now I think .The button push in slipped in side about 1 year ago but spouse just removed the button and we just stick our finger in the hole and slide it forward to open .It does close automatic by just pushing gate closed.