Carlson Heavy-Duty Two Door Wire Crates - 5 Sizes

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Carlson Heavy-Duty Two Door Wire Crates - 5 Sizes
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I was fooled at first, because there IS one on Amazon that looks and sounds the same, for a LOT less.

THIS crate is the “Heavy-Duty” version. The door closures are more secure and I’m guessing the wire gauge is heavier. This crate boasts 5mm wire.

The “other” Carlson crate on Amazon is NOT heavy-duty and it doesn’t specify wire size, but I’m guessing it’s thinner.

I am interested, but there isn’t enough information on how “Heavy-Duty” the crates are. 5mm thick wire is almost 4AWG, but we don’t know if there is 1mm thick vinyl coating on it. If so, the wire is 3mm thick and may 9AWG - not nearly so tough. Anyone know the AWG of the wire? Spacing?

Shipping weight would give a clue as well. Not finding the info on whether or not these are really tough. (I’ve thrown away $100 on many a crate destroyed by a 6 month old 120lb dog temper tantrum).

Thanks for any finds!

Hey all, make sure you’re looking at the same items when doing price comps.

Secure Compact crates and Heavy Duty Crates are different items.

How wide are the gaps? I’ve got some smaller, non-canid animals I’d like to contain.

It is best not to keep kids in kennels.

I want the doberman.

I am concerned about the HUGE spacing between the wires near the bottom of the crate. Take a look at that, it’s an accident waiting to happen. A face, head, muzzle, foot, leg . . . could easily get caught, especially if you have an escape artist.

Large spacing is fine, and understandable UNDERNEATH the pan, but look at the difference between the spacing on the rest of the crate, and those huge spaces near the bottom where the dog will be.

This crate does not look safe.