Carlson Heavy-Duty Two Door Wire Crates - 5 Sizes

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Carlson Heavy-Duty Two Door Wire Crates - 5 Sizes
Price: $29.99 - 64.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Jan 29 to Monday, Feb 01) + transit
Condition: New


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Comments from a previous sale

Amazon has it for $21.25 with free shipping for a size small.
Tell me again how this is a good deal? $29.99 +Tax + $5.00 shipping?

First Negative comment on Woot ever.

Can you link it? I haven’t been able to find it on Amazon for that price.

Different model - only one door.

This WOULD HAVE BEEN a decent deal, but LOOK at the huge spaces between the wires at the bottom of the crate !

This IS an ACCIDENT waiting to happen. A dog could easily get her/his muzzle, jaw, foot . . . caught. I’ve seen it happen and it wasn’t pretty. The dog mangled her lower jaw and lost a bunch of teeth (and blood).

Sorry Woot, and sorry Carlson, this crate needs to be redesigned with smaller spaces between the wires at the bottom.

Are we all looking at the same cages? The ones I see all have bottom pans which are meant to be used in them.

If you take the pan out and leave your pet in there, you deserve whatever happens!

Sorry, I’m gonna have to agree with RaisinROM here. I think what they were trying to point out are the large gaps at the bottom on each long side of the crate. The gap at the front/short end is large enough to allow the removal of the tray for cleaning, etc, but there is really no reason for the even larger gap on the side. You will notice it easier if you full-screen the product video with the beagle pup. You can tell when the pup is chewing its toy that its muzzle would easily fit in the gap if it were to turn its head sideways (like when it’s laying down). If the dog were stressed and tried to chew/pull at the vertical wires that cross the gap, it would be very easy for it to get stuck, panic, and injure itself. Similarly, if the dog were to lay down on its side and stretch out its legs, the paws could fit through the gap, and when the dog moves to stand up, the paw could get caught - again, panic from the dog causing further injury.

Just to chime in on the spaces at the bottom…this is a type of crate that should only be used if your dog is already crate trained. I have two large dogs that are completely crated at night, and the spacing would be no issue with them. Plus, they have crate pads that would span that space. I also have two very small dogs that are old and have never been crated. I would never put them in a crate like this. They would likely injure themselves. Bottom line, you have to know your dog and the likeliness of the dog getting hurt. With all that said, this is a great price on a large crate!