Carlson Pet Gates- 3 Choices!

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Carlson Pet Gates- 3 Choices!
Price: $34.99 - 59.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Apr 21 to Wednesday, Apr 22) + transit
Condition: New


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“100 percent steal construction”

Stolen from who, exactly? :stuck_out_tongue:

Since we’re going down the corrective path, I think you mean “from whom, exactly?” :wink:

As a note, I totally would have gotten one of these instead of the clear plastic gates I bought a few weeks ago. Bad timing on my part, but now I know to keep a look out! :slight_smile:

These are wonderful. I bought 3 of them to control a couple of huge puppies I was fostering (and give the cats an escape path). They are solid and sturdy and work well. Be sure to use the install cups on the door frame, though, since they will slip out if you don’t. I highly recommend them.

I got two of these in black, with the old style latch in March
and almost everyone who comes by the house comments on them:
“like the new gates”, “LOVE the gates”, etc.

Probably has more to do with them holding back my two dumb dogs than anything else tho :slight_smile:

I’d like to try the newer style latch, if these were offered in black.

I wish carlson had included the wall mounts in the pet yard, seems like a shady way to make another 15 dollars.

Did Rob Liefeld draw the gate on the front page? So bendy.

I bought the extra tall one from Amazon a little while back, and it works great. I use it to give our cat an easy entrance to her “dog free” room.

Apparently the extra tall one is so tall the photographer couldn’t even fit the top of it in the frame. Perhaps he might have taken a few steps back, so we could actually see what it looks like.

Be aware that the little door won’t stay open on it’s own. You can leave it unlatched, but there is no way to keep it from swinging freely. This means it could be sticking out and whack you on the shin when you go through the gate. It also means it’s noisy when you open and close the gate because the little door will bang closed. Finally, if your cat is not very smart, it may not know to push or pull the door open if it has swung closed. (but not latched)

I ended up cutting/prying the bars out of the small door so the door could remain remained latched and out of the way, but the cat was allowed permanent access through it while our toddler still couldn’t fit. I know these aren’t baby gates, but it worked well enough for us.