Carolina Cottage Mission Rocker

I’ve seen to many scary movies to buy one of these and keep them in my house… Sorry woot, I will sleep comfy tonight knowing none of my chairs rock =(

Your model is much too young for a rocking chair this nice. They haven’t earned that privilege it yet.

Not great for households with cats.

No wooden seat, rear-end pains here!

The whole, “if it’s Mission-style, we can double the price” stuff gets old.

Hmm, I’m in a dilemma - Haier TV or the Chair?

So, “leatherette.”. Does this mean vinyl? Naugahyde? Guess I’m spoiled when I want leather and oak as opposed to leatherette and hard woods. The style is beautiful, but I guess it’s another Made in China Craftsman.

Sears has this, Walmart has this. I love the mission style and have a bunch in my home, but this is junk.

“-ette” must mean small, diminuative, or feminine leather. Surely no one would mean to mislead us into thinking it is leather when it is not, eh [smile].

I wonder if it’s actually made in Carolina?

There’s a very similar chair at JCPenney for $350. It also has the fake leather, although they call theirs “bicast leather” aka polyurethane leather (PU)and it also needs to be assembled, like this one. Out of 28 reviews, 20 were 5 star. Nice chair.
Link to JCP chair:

I like the chair and I’d consider buying it, even with the problems I’ve had recently with orders from Woot. I cannot, however, even entertain the idea of spending two hundred bucks for a chair that comes with a “90 day Woot limited warranty.” Somehow I am not tempted.

Genuine pleather. Almost as bad as imitation cheese food substitute product. But not quite.

“Assembly required” This should be a clue as to its durability.

Good point, although there really is a difference in joining technologies. Unfortunately unless you can see it in person, you are proceeding on blind faith.

Made from hardwoods is good. Were the hardwoods chopped up and made into particle board?

Worse, likely. At least particle boards get some moderately durable finish such as a melamine layer. Furniture simply described as hardwood generally is of a physically soft wood, a botanic hardwood but of limited durability, finished with an applied grain pattern and easily subject to wear at edges and corners.

Thanks for all the comments; I almost went for this one…Sorry Woot, maybe next time! Happy Hump Day! :slight_smile:

Right, I’d like to know that too, and also what KIND of hardwood ? I don’t consider birch or poplar to be hardwood. Is it THAT difficult to specify ? Oak, Cherry, Maple
. . . ?

How about a little more info W@@t ?

SOLID hardwood or chips put together with toxic glue ?

And in what country was this product produced ?

I have several chairs in this style, including a rocker. Personally I find the proportions on this one pretty awful. More importantly, I’d like to share that the backs on all of mine are gently curved to hug the back side-to-side. This one is not (hinting of cost-over-all construction), so you will be putting all the pressure of sitting back completely on your spine in the form of a thin square rod. This seems torturous to me … especially in a rocker, where it is difficult to perch on the edge to avoid the back.

A GIS for “mission rocker” shows the (very) few ones out there with non-curved backs have wide slats instead of rods.