Carolina Cottage Mission Rocker



This deal ROCKS!





This rocker has been this low on other “deal of the day” sites but is usually much more expensive. Concerned that short people (like myself) might not fit comfortably but willing to take the chance cause it will make a great gift if not for me :slight_smile:


man, we’re on fire today.


Anyone know what hardwoods, specifically, this is made of?

I know a lot of nice looking wooden furniture is made from relatively lightweight and weaker woods that look good, but probably won’t last really long.


You can pretend your house is a Cracker Barrel!


I’m not finding anything. Unfortunately in all sectors the search terms
“Carolina” and “Cottage” and “Mission” bring up all sorts of furniture sellers Captain. We won’t mention “Rocker.”


I agree! :slight_smile:


I did some googling the last time this item came up on home.woot. It appears to be made of rubber wood and MDF and, according to another comment, it’s made in Malaysia. Here’s the permalink to my comment on that thread.


I bought 2 of these a couple weeks ago from Woot. I’m not sure what the wood is and they do require assembly. Quality and how long they will last? They are $200 so don’t expect Amish handmade quality. But, they do look nice in my living room. They are large but my 2 year old son and a friend both climbed into a chair and sat next to each other. My son loves that he can rock it himself!


Would someone who owns this item comment on durability, ease of assembly and overall comfort?