Has anyone posted a definitive list of all the little wuss words that bbc america alllows but this site doesn’t?

Far as I can tell, Fuck is banned on bbc, but penis and arse biscuits, and twat, and bollucks, and a bunch of other terms are civilized…

WOW, they are the BBC AMERICA! FRAK

you can google their wikipedia (spelled right) and find the list not sure I spelled that right

Nice to see you!
Too bad I didn’t read your post.

Its the semi-annual visit from the world’s best cheeto eating, motorcycle riding, flame throwing lemming!

Nice to see me?


At least one mod is a glutton for punishment!

//offers lighter

anyone besides me tired of the whining on the woot-off forum

Thats why we come here, to whine about other stuff! Hi!

Hi Nice to see I am not the only one with a brain out here… Bought anything yet today??

We need flaming more often.

//sends the LIA to investigate

I have no idea who you are, and how you know me, but after the LIA finds you, the KILLWITHHARSHMETHODS team will respond.

//sets threat level to plaid

We have talked before, you just don’t remember me. The PWAs can vouch for me! I swear I am not the Bubba!

Great joob for us wooters (sry if someone already posted this.) To bad the pay sucks and you will be permanently damaged.

Nope. I missed out on the solar powered garden lights and that and the Norelco razor are the only things I’ve been interested in so far.

DM! Nice to see you. Torched anything or anybody interesting lately?

If you know me, what is my mission?

Yes. And that’s why Hillary is still fighting even tho she can’t win enough votes between then and now.

How’s Spirit?

Yeh wanted those lights too but they came up while I was making dinner OH WELL. You say you can whine here well I have a b**ch. I am tired of all those that are looking for that “almighty $1.00 item” but won’t buy anything else, but is perfectly happy buying something they may have no use for and may not work anyway. COME ON Is Americans this pathetic???

What is wrong with penis?