carpe diem

This shirt is obviously the reincarnation of someone’s mom.

I like the purple color.

Want! I want this so much I almost can’t stand it! Especially because of the cute kitty!

You messed up the wikipedia link, good job wootbot!

Fun shirt. Latin can be inspirational even when warped(or wet…oh wait, we’re not talking fish

Nice take on the famous phrase.

Such is life!

Today is a certain toddler’s birthday, and this shirt fits her all too well. Best present ever, thanks Woot and ApeLad!

I just remember my Latin teacher telling us that “carpe” more properly translates to “pluck” rather than the oft mistranslated “sieze”. Sorry, this phrase just doesn’t hold the same punch to me.

Excuse, I’m gonna go pluck the day now.

Nice work Apelad! I like it when a familiar phrase gets a funny and whimsical make-over.

Then you’ll like my hoodie derby entry tomorrow!

Gratias agens pro faciens die!

(That means “thanks for making my day” according to google translate.)

How sweet! My pleasure!

Love shirt - but Navy is such a hard color. How bout black with purple. Or black with hot pink??

The world has waaaay too many black t-shirts.

Refragatio futilis est - must buy this shirt!

I told myself no more t-shirts and then this comes along. I’ll have to carpe it before the diem is over!

That Lo ain’t gonna Yo itself

Dear Woot,

I need this in a poster for my office at the ranch. I might want one too for my home office but I’m thinking that’s way to much carpe for one man.