Carrera Black Micro Helicopter

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Carrera Black Micro Helicopter
Price: $29.99
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I’ve had a couple of larger copters and they were fun. This one really takes the cake. It has the same issues with not working very long and chargeing all the time forget it. These things are relatively robust in that they don’t break any easier than the others. It has two spare rear rotors and a tool to help, pricy but fun.

Teeny Tiny 'copter. Tell me what you think?

Carrera makes the best slot car tracks in the world and has produced 1000’s of cars for those tracks, now they have moved in to RC with cars, boats and helicopters. The quality of their slot cars stuff is outstanding, I’d assume the RC product is of similar quality.

I’m going to be “that guy.” For $.90 more with Amazon Prime, you can get a v911 which you will have a lot more fun with.

These videos speak for themselves:



Feel free to ask me questions.

Do I have to get an FAA Pilots licnese with 100 hours of flying time and pass a background check for this? Is it considered a drone? sarcasm intended

No you don’t, surprised at your question.

Features says RF, Specs says IR?

How does the V911 or the one for sale compare with the Syma S107 that has crazy good reviews on Amazon? New at this hobby.

I don’t have this Carrera, but I do have the S107. It’s great. It’s a perfect starter chopper. Once you graduate from that one, you should try an entry level 4-channel chopper. The S8000 is a good start

Sorry I missed this yesterday. The syma S107 and the Carrera have horizontal tail rotors and fixed main rotor. The method for moving the chopper forward and back is to tilt it forward and back with the tail rotor, then use the main rotor to move it forward or backward. This isn’t very efficient and doesn’t give you much control, but it is easier for beginners.

The V911 has a fully articulating main rotor giving you direct control of the chopper.

Having said that, it still levels itself automatically. My 12 year old son had no problem flying the v911, even though he has never tried an RC helicopter before.