Carrera R/C

The wall charger plug appears to be a non US version?

Whoops, wrong photos. We get these directly from Carerra and they have verified that they are US plugs. We’ll get the photos fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.

Does the desert rider go through grass?

We have a lot of RC enthusiasts in the Wooter community. I’m betting one of them can help with that question.

Depends on how high the grass is! We’ve found out the hard way that the higher the grass, the harder the motor has to work to pull through it. And that means the battery life is shortened. These things always seem to work best on smooth surfaces - floors, sidewalk, asphalt, etc.

this is a kids toy. but looks kewl…

Anybody have any experience with these? Are they 4 wheel drive? How to these compare to the “hobby grade” RC cars?

So if I buy 2 of these how can I be sure I don’t get 2 on the same frequency?

Most starting hobby grade R/C cars are 6 or 7.2V. The Red Bull is 3.7V as a comparison.

None of these would be considered hobby grade and likely would be a disappointment for anyone over the age of 12.

If you are looking for a decent hobby-grade RC for not much more money you can look into ECX vehicles. They have some starting at 99 dollars that could be a fun starter model…and as experience grows upgrades can extend the life.

If I were a parent buying an RC for a child over the age of 7 or 8, I’d start with a nice Traxxas Rustler XL5 or a Stampede XL5. Both great starter vehicles that will hold their interest and for 200 dollars, the investment isn’t out of this world.

What about a Tamiya TT-01E? I’ve got one, it’s a nice little pavement basher.