Carson VP Series Binoculars

These aren’t the first batch of binoculars we’ve seen mosey through Sport. How do they compare?

And how do you pick between all the models presented here today?

I needed a pair for hunting and based on this endorsement:
I picked up a pair of the 10x42’s. I wanted a little more power (10x) than the 8x featured in Outside Buyer’s Guide. The only catch with higher power is being able to hold it steady. I’m usually perched somewhere so that won’t be an issue.

The first number is the magnification power.

Divide the second number by the first number to get a relative rating of its low light ability. The higher quotient, the better it will be in low light.

In daylight, the quotient won’t matter.

I’ve only got the one eye, how about a big WOOTy Monocular sale, eh?

Some truly cold-hearted bass turd stole my good one…

Say- are we allowed to talk about fish that way here?