Carson zOrb Digital Microscope

**Item: **Carson zOrb Digital Microscope
Price: $28.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Congrats, lichme!

5th bag of crap that made it into my cart only to suffer a cruel death :frowning:

Gah…I made it to the checkout page that time at least >_<

Alright i’m gonna start whining here.

Either there’s a leak somewhere or somebody has figured out the links to the crap.

Instant sell out!? SRSLY!?

Or I’m just that slow :frowning:

“I’m done trying to get them”, says lichme in chat… lies.

oh yes, congrats lichme

So stinking close this time - got in queue or whatever it’s called. Then promptly denied. Oh well… maybe the next one.

congrats, lichme!!!
and, did you really say you were done?? How funny, you are like me.


Nah, that doesn’t work with me, neither!!

He said he was done because his “wife” got one. He will just pick out the good stuff and then give the crap away in a contest on his site.

he has a site???

You trolling me, bro? See the first post on this and most all threads.

Thanks all. For regular wootstalkers, join the chat sometime, always pro tips on how to score crap there.

I was unaware that I was allowed to get one from both the ultimate video challenge, and the woot-off. I’ll be on vacation until Sept, so I wont get to open them.

No way this is not a troll lol

3rd time in a row I’ve gotten to the checkout page, clicked the big yellow button just to be denied.

OK. In that case… good job,enjoy your vacation.