Cart Blanche (You've Got It)

Hey there Woot! The Motorola smart controller is currently on sale at the Motorola site for $9.99. Price match??

We don’t price match. We do however, periodically adjust our price so we’re the lowest or in line. Price has been lowered but that’s as far as we can go.

##&^$$#%!*& Motorola anyway.

I purchased one and can confirm the software doesn’t work on a Galaxy S4. The reviews on Google Play are pretty nasty!

Sunpak SP-MSB-MBK Magic Sound Box Wireless Portable Speaker - Black

its gotta be black magic! i swear, i wasnt expecting it to be as good as it is. i tried it out on my laptop and it was great! glad i got 2 for the cars, and i may have to pick up more for the kids and for gifts