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Rogetray, you can see Mount Vesuvius from Naples…

CORRECTAMUNDO!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Woo hoo! I win the internets!

Seriously, though, I was glad it wasn’t a trick question and you didn’t actually mean Naples, Florida…


I guess you could see if from Florida…with some REALLY amazing binoculars…LIKE REALLY amazing.

You did win the internets my friend…you’re name will live on in Woot Random Trivia Question infamy…and


Can you post more info about the wall mirror? It looks like it is silver metal color with mirrors in all the many surrounding circles…is that right? What is the weight of it?

[MOD EDIT: I’ve pinged the staff. Thank you for you inquiry.]

Per staff:
*The frame is a greyish/silver color and the shipping weight is 15 lbs. *

I hope this information is helpful!

Q re flatware: Wallace pattern :
reg. size or oversized.

Thank you

I saw them. They seemed regular size to me.

we bought 2 sets of Wallace flatware, they are oversized

I could see Mount Vesuvius when I was in Italy, but I cant see it anymore.