Carty Favors

I always love how the implication of the carty favors deals is like, “Oh, just throw a few other items in with your woot-off stuff and save on shipping!”

…like a $600 projector. That’ll finally make the $5 flat shipping worth it!

don’t buy these chargers. they will stop working within a month or two

Evolution 2600 mAh Power Bank USB - I have had mine for almost a year but have only used it once or twice. I guess they gave them away free last year at Cisco Live, made me feel like I over paid for mine from Woot. I don’t like it because of the button. I don’t know how many times I have looked into my bag to see the blue glow and thought that’s great now it will be dead when I really need it.

Perhaps you already wanted the $600 projector and you’re willing to pay $605 for it. That’s why you put it in your cart then wait for a $.99 item to show up in the woot off because you’ll basically get free shipping on the $.99 item! Score!

Have bought these the last few times they’ve been on Woot. They work for awhile then stop working. Spoke to Evolution, and they diagnosed it as a faulty switch. They also said 90 Day warranty ONLY, not the 1-yr as specified on woot.

I’m sorry for the problem with the warranty from Evolution. It should be 1-year as we stated. If you can’t get support from them, email our CS at

Include as much info as you can - your correspondence with them, emails, etc.

Both of mine went bad within 2 uses. One does not charge, and the other does not turn off.