Carty Favors

Whenever you guys have the “Carty Favors” event, I always think it’s in reference to the former mayor here in Toledo, Carty Finkbeiner.

well I ordered one of those NFL boc yesterday or day before …and now I can pretty much see what’s going to be in it with them posting all this NFL stuff here today!!!maybe get lucky and get a hat lol !!or a wallet. We shall see soon. Already been shipped it shows

maybe a pitcher for uhm beverages…

might be craptastic!

Thera Pearl wraps are FABULOUS! They are the only ones that don’t absorb that ‘stale freezer’ funky smell.
They mold on to you, no stiffness.
I bought 2 from the Mothership and I’ll add one from here to piggyback a woot off shipping.

I just placed an order and paid shipping. Few minutes later I wanted to order 2 TheraPearl Hot/Cold Knee Packs. To my surprise a shipping charge added on again. I thought the first charge covered all subsequent purchases for the day as Zulily allows. What gives ?? Can the staff clarify please.

As long as I’m getting free shipping, might as well toss this $1600 watch in with the order, right?

What! No Redskins hat??? OH…That’s right, with all the things going on in and around our country right now, Obama, Reed, Pelosi, and clan are busy trying to do away with that motto. You know, another one of those racist things! :frowning:

I bought the “Granite Gear 50L Compressor Sack - Blue” in a previous sale and got the wrong color. Contacted woot and they said that they were completely out of the blue, and that the best they could do is either a)return the item and refund my money or b)let me keep the item and give me $4 back. I opted for (b). This is the second sale since that conversation in which I have seen the “Granite Gear 50L Compressor Sack - Blue” offered. Terrible customer service. This (coupled with the lukewarm deals) has soured me on woot. I’ve heard similar stories from others on these forums. Buyer beware.

Since this has gone ignored for you shipping is now per order not per day. Yes it stinks and I loved it so much when it was the other way. It seems especially illogical for woot offs purchases but that how it has been going now. I hope they change back but I am not holding my breath. (I have no idea what zulily is.)