Carty Favors

Some very detailed and favorable reviews on the mothership. Sadly, not made in Germany.

Are the connections at different positions (one lower down than the other)? If not, you can’t expect a phone to be plugged in because the other one will be in the way.

It’s as shown in the pic. It’s for Motorola devices:

Connect your Motorola Smartphone or Tablet to a VGA enable projector and view on a big screen. Some devices may require software upgrades; not compatible with Motorola Atrix, Motorola Droid X or Motorola Xoom.

Okay, so I’m confused. I bought this just recently, and the description was:

VIZIO XMT1008W1 Tablet, Smartphone, Digital Camera Wall & USB Power Charger Kit

However, the packaging states explicitly “Vizio Power Adapter with USB Cable for Vizio Tablet and Vizio Phone.”

I don’t have either. I was hoping that at the very least I could use it to charge my digital camera.

What can I do with this, other than gifting it to someone who has a Vizio Tablet or Phone?

Oh, well, it was only $4.99, anyway. :slight_smile:

From what I read on the VIZIO site, it has a microUSB end. If your camera uses a microUSB connector for charging, it should work.

Can you tell me if the Vizio charger cable has the data lines shorted? If so this is a true charging cable and no data will be transmitted. Most phones detect this and will allow for a higher charging amperage than conventional chargers/cables.

Dunno 'bout that, but the power adapter is a Model DSA-10PFD-05

Will that help in tracking down more technical details?

if you like the beatles you can get that box set for much less on ebay

I’m gonna have to say that is a question better asked of VIZIO.

I ordered the two pack of lighting cables a couple of weeks ago. They never showed up and I never received a tracking #… I emailed woot support, and Clark got back to me. He told me you guys were out of the cables and that you’d issue me a refund.

… yet here they are. and my refund still hasnt hit my account. i’ve emailed him back and am awaiting his response.

yall are better than this :slight_smile: if you knew youd be getting more - for the woot-off in a carty favors side deal, no less - then why tell an awesome customer different?

Thanks, TT! Yep, worked great! Camera’s all charged, and I’m happy I got it, even if it’s just being used for that purpose alone. :slight_smile:

Belkin Rotating Chargers work great. Took them both on vacation and used them to charge by Mophie and iPad. No complaints.