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The Linksys EA3500-RM is $15 cheaper on Amazon.

Can the camera be mounted upside down (on the ceiling) and then can the image be rotated digitally or do I have to turn my monitor upside down too?

Having dealt with the Pixma MX922 (the big brother of the Pixma printer being offered here) now for about a year, I can say unequivocally that I strongly dislike it for many reasons.
The most annoying tendency it has is to take for-freaking-ever to start printing if it has been sitting for more than 30 seconds since the last print. It whirs, it clicks, it makes all kinds of noises for literally (used appropriately here because I have timed it) as long as 01m:35s on most occasions. Also, on the MX922, there are at least 3 blindingly bright blue LEDs on the face that do not shut off with “sleep” mode, so if you have your printer in any room except a lead-lined closet, you will be blasted with this intense blue light until your mind breaks and you shut the stupid thing off (which when turned back on will result in more than the average minute and a half warm up time for that print, so it takes a mental breaking to get to that point). I have taped over mine with electrical tape (which makes the buttons unreadable, but it’s an acceptable trade off). Lovely piece of infuriating technology here.

What is the point of a mouse with a camera on the underside?