Carty Favors

I bought the Yukon hammock with mosquito net a few weeks ago. Is this rainfly worth it as part of my set? Any reviews?

I bought two of the rainflys last time they came around and am happy with the performance. The size is right for the Yukon Outfitters hammocks, but if you’re trying to cover something longer you may be disappointed. They are strong, pack small and are lightweight.

On the Native Sprint asphalt/brown sunglasses - what is the 2nd set of lenses that are included? I can’t find that info anywhere.

I haven’t been able to use mine camping yet, but the rainfly seems to be good quality for the price point. I’ll be using it with the Yukon Double and won’t hesitate to trust that the rainfly will keep me dry.

ask and you shall receive…a rain fly. excellent.

The Wrinkle knife in brown looks like a poo. I don’t know why this important revelation didn’t occur to me before, but the secret is now out.

It actually looks better in person. I like it better than the red version… It’s sort of a subdued maroon with the high points natural aluminum. Not at all poo like.

I got the UZI Echo Replica, but the blade won’t lock, and the clip is loose. Seems cheaply made…

I went through the support link, and then emailed when I got no reply… Still no reply.

Anybody home?

Gotcha, I’ll check back in with them.

I purchased the BSN Syntha-6 Protein Powder 2 1/2 weeks ago and to this day it hasn’t shipped. What gives? No response from woot customer service either. Is woot shipping always this SLOW?