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Wonder why the blue version of this same pan over on sellout.woot is only $38.32??

fantastic reviews at amazon so got one for my front door so I dont have to leave my front light on all the time.

It’s tough for me to not sound like a commercial for the Mr. Beams MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight but here goes.

I have nine scattered around the perimeter and yard of my home and I love them! The motion detectors are quite sensitive and each one lights up about a 15 ft. circle when mounted about 8 ft high. It’s enough to easily get around the outside of my medium-sized (2800 sq. ft.) ranch style at night. I started with six and they have been up for slightly more than 1.5 years now and haven’t needed to change any batteries yet because the photoelectric sensor keeps them from wasting power. I used industrial alkaline batteries. The one outside my front door is so bright, it’s a bit startling when it comes on and I can use the peephole without turning on the actual porch light. A few months ago I added three more for some remote areas of my ¾ acre back yard.

Note: If you’re looking for 3 or more, has them for $36.99 with free shipping ($12.33 each) and Amazon has them for slightly more. Sorry Woot! But your price could be better.

I can highly recommend the Mister Beams Wireless Cabinet Lights and this Woot! price is about the best I’ve found. I mounted one inside my spice cabinet and I can finally see all he way to the back of it at night. The other went into a very large and deep linen/supply cabinet in one of my bathrooms. They are quite bright but it honestly would require two or more to give adequate work lighting under cabinets. I recently got a few more for the inside of other deep cabinets, etc. in my home.

Bought two packs of the 3’ x 6’ bunting last time it was offered. Received two packs that were clearly labelled 3’ x 6’ bunting, but both actually contained 2 each of the manufacturer’s 1 1/2’ x 3’ bunting. Had to return them for a refund.

What was up with that, Woot? Should I take a chance again?

HERE is a link to the Mister Beams MB360 User guide, but there is no mention of what the 2 little switches (visible in the 3rd picture) do.

I looked at the picture you referred to and didn’t remember the two switches so I went outside and grabbed one to check. Oddly, there are no little switches inside so the picture is either showing the insides of some different model or they have added something of which I’m not aware. I also looked at the user guides for all of the spotlights at the Mr. Beams site and only found one switch and it is for the remote controlled light.

More simply put, I have no clue.

These lights are horrible, 1 of 4 worked

Same thing happened to me on this sale!! I got one that was actually 3x6 and 2 that were 1.5 x 3. I think that someone at Valley Forge put the wrong label in some packages, and the pickers at the warehouse just see the label and toss it in a box, with no second thoughts.