Carty Favors

I thought I was finally going to get my first computers.woot purchase today, but then I clicked through on Universal Wireless Keyboard with USB Transceiver - Made by Lenovo.

I’ve got the wired version of this keyboard that I’m looking to replace. The keyboard itself is very good. My issue is that Lenovo insists on putting their Fn key where the CTRL key goes. It makes copy/paste and other similar keyboard shortcuts very frustrating.

If that’s not a deal breaker for you, you’ll probably be pretty happy with this.

I’ll just be waiting for another chicklet style keyboard with the proper key layout.

Linksys EA3500 is $35 on Amazon? Why Woot?

Fingers crossed, the Hitachi hard drives are packed with padding so they don’t rattle around – and break – inside a cardboard box.

These are supposed to have low failure rates, after all.

We’ve lowered our price to $29.99. No go route your heart out.

If you already purchased, that money will fly back into your pockets soonish.

ThunderThighs, could you please comment on how the bare hard drives will be packed? I’m tempted to order several, but since they won’t come in boxes, only in static bags, I’m concerned that they may jostle against each other during transit and suffer damage.

Also, since they are factory returns with only a 60 day warranty, are they eligible for SquareTrade?

So, is the 2 in 1 cam mouse also a webcam? Or does it only take still images…?

Can someone please tell me how the Buffalo Technologies WMR-300 AirStation N300 Wireless Travel Router works? I can’t for the life of me figure out what cords serve what purpose, etc.

If you can, would you please post about the packaging when you get yours? That – and the 60-day burn-in warranty – are the 2 things that are stopping me from pulling the trigger on this one.

I purchased one the last time and the hard drive was in a regular yellow envelop on the bottom of the box with bubble wrap on top of it. I was surprised it survived the shipping process. My friend got his and it came DOA. So it’s a big gamble.

Hope this is helpful. I wish Woot would package this better.

Thanks. Dang! I want to get 3, but between the short warranty and the shipping issues – do the Woot! monkeys run the shipping department? – it seems like I might be better off paying a bit more for a regular warranty and well-packed drives.

So this is my tech-incompetence question, but…
the My Net N900 Central HD Dual Band Wireless Router - 2TB… is this something that functions both as an internet router and a wireless external HD?

The Buffalo AirStation N600 Dual Band Wireless Router (WHR-600D) is avalible on for 19.99. It also has a 3-star average.

Welp I took the plunge. I’ll report back on the status. That’s 4X the space you’re going to get for 99$ anywhere else though.

I bought two of the Innergie PocketCell 2.1 Amp 3000mAh Portable Rechargeable USB Chargers for a cross-country road trip I’m taking next week. Both were DOA. Did anyone else have this problem, or is my luck really just that bad?