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Green Tea car tumbler (
Great color. Great shape. But I’ve heard green tea is one thing you don’t want to put into a steel tumbler, as you’ll end up with oxidation or something else that turns black and gets into the tea and possibly onto your teeth.

Any verification of this by a doc/dentist/chemist?

I think the color is Green Tea?
I haven’t had any problem with regular black tea in any steel tumblers. Not sure if that helps much, but there you go.

As noted by the above poster, that’s the color, not its purpose.

I have a few of the paring knives with the covers and they are fantastic for travel/lunches etc. when you need a knife but don’t want a loose one in your bag. I hate brown cut apples so I pack the covered knife and just cut them when I eat them (or need it for a snack for the kiddo). Definitely worth throwing one in if shipping is already paid.

20 oz french press might make one good sized cup of coffee.

I made the mistake of not looking at a french press before I bought it a while ago (not from Woot - sorry WootFolks) that proclaimed “4 cup press!”. Of course, it was 4x5oz, and is practically useless.

I’d been waiting for Shun cutlery set for more than half a year and finally got one!

The Fresh Tote carrier. No dimension listed. Does anyone know if a normal pie plate, 8 or 9", will fit?

According to Amazon:

The large container has an unusual shape, providing room at both ends for your hands when placing or retrieving up to 10 inch diameter pies, cakes or plates of food.

OGGI - 4 piece plastic containers - don’t waste your money on them. After about 4 months the lids don’t fit tightly. Get Pyrex - that’s the best.

Cuisinart CWC-1600FR: has some really poor Amazon reviews for the new model which sells there for $199 (2.2/5 stars). Most prominent issues are fan noise and poor operational lifespan. Many didn’t even make it 6 months. I don’t know what the overall sales volumes are compared to the failure rate, but if these things can’t last 6 months on average and only come with a 90 day refurb warranty, I’d say it’s best to avoid this thing.

would the 48 oz be more suitable for your needs?

Whippers, my balloons await…

OK. What am I missing here? Buy an $8 spoon for $5, pay $5 shipping, total $10 for an $8 item, plus tax. Go to Bed Bath and Beyond and use their coupon for a $3 score.

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