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Does the Simple.TV by SiliconDust STV2-2ATSC: Record Live Free HDTV & Stream to all Your Favorite Devices come with a premier subscription ?

Turtle Beach Ear Force XP400 Wireless Gaming Headset with Dolby Surround Sound & Wireless Chat for Xbox 360 & PS3

These are somewhat disappointing. The wifi connection seems neat with it’s “up to 30ft” but in practice it’s much less. I bought these so I could wander around the house listening to music and I can’t get very far. Without it cutting out or dropping altogether.

Same with the BT… I wanted to pair these with my tablet for music listening again… I was able to pair them and the tablet recognizes them but it won’t pipe the music through so useless on that front. I have to connect the little USB “transmitter” to something for power then use an analog cable to the tablet.

When they ARE connected and in range though the sound is pretty good and they are comfortable. The detachable mic boom is a definite plus when you aren’t planning on doing any voice chat.

It doesn’t mention it but they DO come with the little XBox360 BT adapter widget thingie to connect to the 360 controller for BT chat… Or at least mine did… I could always sell those and make up for the “loss” lol

Oh well lesson learned. Last time I buy Turtle Beach.

Yes, any device that has the app or a browser can stream around your home, depending on your wifi strength. The premier package allows you to stream anywhere outside of your home.