Carty Favors

Bought a ton of the dimmers last time around - they’re not the greatest quality, but for the price nothing else touches them.

The fact that the switch glows in the dark is a nice plus.

sweet. I bought 3 of the hammers last month on sellout.woot for $1.99 I think.

I bought two sets of the multi-tool and knife sets. Definitely worth the money. Keep them in the kitchen to open cartons and to do simple repairs when I don’t feel like or need my other grown-up tools.

It’s important to note that the saw labelled “jeweler’s saw” is not actually a jeweler’s saw but rather a razor saw. It is improperly labelled.

Hey, if these come back up again would somebody ping me?
My old man’s been needing to work gloves for the past like 3 X-mas heh… (now I do too) can’t believe I missed these things… been watching for a sale like this for the past couple of months :slight_smile: