Carty Favors

Nano no-no.

“Help us say goodbye to 2013 by filling your cart with the things we don’t wanna inventory!”
After checking out the various prices, it doesn’t appear that Woot is TOO worried about having to inventory these items. I’ll pass this time.

'Tis true of most things on Woot this year.

C’mon woot - have some shred of moral fiber left and stop selling the shock collars.

What is the pasta pot made of? Induction stoves are so popular now, but we need special cookware, not aluminum. Are these made of steel, copper, aluminum ? No material listed

While I agree that shock collars are bad for 95% of dogs, there are some of us that like them and can use them correctly for our dogs. My two catahoulas were/are a LOT of stubborn dog. These kind of collars help keep them safe.

That said, I’d never buy one that didn’t have vibration and tone.

I’m strongly considering getting the shock collars but NOT for my own dogs but the neighbors. They let the little mutts bark whenever they want which is usually around 1 or 2 AM. Using these would be so much fun.

It’s Aluminum.

I completely agree! Shock collars are awful! I was disappointed to see them on here as well.

Or…wait a week, go to your favorite store, pick up all the wrapping paper, tissue paper, bows & ribbons for half price (or less), and NOT have to pay shipping? Sorry, guys, but if you want to sell this, I’m thinking $10 + shipping is your maximum.