Carty Favors


A Monster HDMI coupler?? Are you kidding me with that?? Previously $149.99??? NO. NONONO. Boo, Woot. Boo.

At $4.99 I still think it’s overpriced. I’ve never seen a device that could amplify and boost a signal which didn’t plug into a power outlet. Once again, Monster Cable is looking to fleece the masses.

You want me to “pad my cart” with a $1000 ipod dock???

Ehhhhhh, we believe in hefty padding.

OMG… search, read, learn.

It has an external, low noise power supply. It would have to since it boosts the signal.

It says so right in the features list.

And here is the link to it at the mothership in case you need more info. Only one review though… and it doesn’t look too good.

Uh, am I missing something here or is that Eton emergency radio $6 cheaper on amazon (with free shipping)?

Monster 140303-00 HDMI Performance Maximizer – $149?!¡

If you don’t know about Monster Cable’s fraud and BS by now, this is one of the most entertaining reads in the history of lawyerly sniping:

The “response” is an absolute classic.

That is pretty funny and it is interesting how much negative stuff you hear about them. I’ve never owned anything from Monster, and I probably won’t, but that’s mostly because of the prices. I’m no audiophile, so cheap, mediocre cables are just fine with me.

RE: Huh?

I need some real help figuring out just what the hell I ended up with.

I bought one of these on eBay after I saw them for $4.99 here - identical product #, description, appearance, etc.
The strange thing is, mine came with an integrated cable, making it completely useless as a coupler. Also, no external power supply - making is [seemingly] useless as an amp. It also plugs in to the END of the cable closest to the output heh…

So my question to you fine folks is would be: Can anybody tell me what it is or why it exists? Is it 100% marketing gimmick? Do any of you Wootployees have better pics of this and/or would somebody who bought one of the Woot ones mind posting some pics for comparison?(can’t even find product pics on Goog’)

My best guess was they couldn’t sell it with the integrated cable, so they removed it, added a second HDMI port and started marketing it as a coupler?

  • Marked text in picture reads “Integrated HDMI cable elinates need for a second connection to your HDTV” - No idea what that means. Honestly sounds like something that’d be printed on a Chinese knockoff.