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Hey Woot, the first picture is missing out on the electric carving knife and meat fork. Just saying, I didn’t see at first that you got all the other stuff with the thermometer.

Edit: I thought the knife was the other end of the thermometer. I’ve been up for 24 hours because of the Woot-off, maybe it’s time to finally go to bed.

Amazon: (vs. $14.99 for both with $5 shipping here)

Knife 2+ stars $22.31

Thermometer: $18 + 11.09 shipping

It looks like the thermometer isn’t programmable, so I’d assume it’s probably set to go off at 165 degrees, the USDA recommended minimum internal temperature for poultry. The problem is, removing your turkey from the oven when it hits 165 means the carryover is going to take it up to around 170 degrees- overcooked and dry.

Not sure I understand. The main picture is showing the knife & thermometer. Pictures after that show different parts of the bundle.

My problem with temperature probes is that I’m never really sure I have it in the right place when I’m using it for turkey.

If your oven doesn’t have one, they are a godsend. I bought one off woot! some time ago that worked for various meats. Love it.

Although it’s been a while since I’ve used an electric carving knife, they make carving a breeze.

All in all, seem like a good deal.

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I have the knife that I use during BBQ competitions… mainly brisket but at this price I am getting another (the thermometer is a bonus even if it isnt perfect for all you haters). gotta love woot

i’d never probe my turducken, it’s a work of art! but for real, if it doesn’t even have a readout, that’s kind of fail. I use my meat thermometer for all kinds of stuff other than turkey.

enticing, but - does it say somewhere that it’s guaranteed to arrive by thanksgiving 2011? otherwise, smart post + 15 day deadline = huge gamble!

My last five purchases via SnailPost has arrived here in SoCal in a week or less. Most recently, two shirts arrived in four and five days.

All bets are off for speediness after Thanksgiving, however. My slowest experiences with their shipping has been around the holiday season.

The main photo fails to include all the extra stuff that comes in the deal bundle. If I were woot, I’d use the photo which includes the case & the fork and the odd little gobbler thermometer as my eye-catcher. It would make people think they’re getting more for their money.
I know once I checked the other photos, I was more inclined to jump on the deal, especially since I don’t have a clue where I’ve stashed my old electric knife.

I can’t speak for the probe, but the knife is great. And it comes in handy for more than Thanksgiving turkey. If I end up finding a great deal on beef or pork loin, this makes it very easy to cut them in to nice steaks for freezing.

in for one.

Avoid the “overcooked” with a foil tent, and the “dry” with a buttery baste applied every 30 minutes.

Oh. The main pic is often the eye-grabber and only includes the important parts of a bundle or product. We have more detailed photos you can see by either clicking on the main pic or using the links in the sale.

I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

The issue isnt whether the thermo is programmable or not, but its lack of a display to actually monitor the temp… You may as well use that stupid pop-up timer some turkey brands insist on putting in their product.

I have never understood the allure of an electric knife – but a good sharp slicing knife is indispensable. A simple sharp knife will cut easily through properly cooked turkey without an tearing or making turkey bits

Just a comment on electric knives in general… if you bake your own bread there is NOTHING better for slicing it without crushing the loaf. Also a must for making thin slices of a roast without shredding the meat.

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