Casa di Arcilla Tempranillo (6)

Casa di Arcilla Tempranillo 6-Pack
Sold by: Middleton Family WInes
$54.99 $143.00 62% off List Price
2012 Casa de Arcilla Tempranillo

Kyle and I ratted the 2010 last year.

I loved this stuff last time! Definitely in for at least one six-pack.

No Illinois? Makes me sad given the reviews.

same year? Any notes? Thanks

Here’s you’re ol’ CT links. [sic]

This is the translation of the post Cesare put up earlier. Apparently, whoever translated it for Quality Post listing doesn’t know the difference between you’re (you are) and your.

Sorry about that. We’re in the process of updating our registration in IL.

Here’s a link to the tasting notes from our winemaker, Blake Kuhn.

Hopefully it will be up and ready for the next offer :slight_smile:

One? or two? or just one? or do I order two?? I think two.

or ZERO?!?!
No Michigan?!? GAH!

In for another! This was a good wine last go around!!!